In order to help create a safe contractor workforce, proper training can provide contractor employees with two critical things: a good understanding of basic safety principals; and knowledge of the safety rules and regulations in place, as well as the hazards they may face at facilities they will be entering.  Armed with a solid understanding of basic safety fundamentals, site-specific orientations become more meaningful and help foster a better attitude towards safety, translating into a reduction in recordable incidents.  Gatefeed safety courses can help you meet these training goals!  Through gatefeed, owner facilities are provided with a convenient way to create their own site-specific orientation courses and set their own specific training requirements, including requiring some form of basic safety training, if desired, and deciding the frequency that training is required.  They also have access to all contractor training records in one convenient online database.  Contractors are provided with an efficient way to check owner facility training requirements, sign up for needed courses, and track training results through a secure, user-friendly online process.

Available Courses

OnSite Safety Orientation
This course serves as basic safety awareness training for contractor employees working in industrial settings for the first time, and can serve as excellent retraining for contractor employees that do not regularly work in industrial facilities.  This course is available in two formats: an instructor-led 4-1/2 hour classroom course; and a self-paced 3-1/2 hour computer-based course.  Topics covered in this course include:

  • Safety & You
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Electrical Safety
  • Elevated Work
  • Hazard Communication
  • Process Safety Management
  • General Rules and Emergency Response

OnSite Refresher Orientation
This course serves as refresher awareness training for contractor employees who regularly work in industrial facilities and have already taken some form of basic safety training in the past.  This course is available in a self-paced 2 hour computer-based format.  The topics covered in this course are the same as those presented in the OnSite Safety Orientation above, although they are presented in a more streamlined way designed for the seasoned contractor employee.

Site-Specific Orientations
Gatefeed works with each participating owner facility to create a unique site-specific orientation designed for their particular facility.  A site-specific orientation serves to convey the safety rules, regulations, procedures in place at a facility and the potential hazards that may be faced while performing work there.  Site-specific courses are company-branded, professionally narrated and populated with facility-specific photos; all for a minimal development fee.  Contact gatefeed for more information on developing site-specific courses.

Custom Course Development
Gatefeed can work with you on developing computer-based training (CBT) modules for any training topic, including special plant processes, Human Resource topics for either contractor or owner employees, or any other topic you may have.  Contact gatefeed to discuss your specific training needs and how we may be able to help you.

Delivery Methods

Gatefeed courses are designed to be delivered through a variety of methods: through a local community or technical college program, online, or at the owner facility itself.  Courses can also be made available on CD.

College Program
College programs are ideal for situations where multiple owner facilities exist in a single geographic location.  Such programs help streamline training for contractor employees by providing a single location to take courses for the participating plants.  College programs also provide a contractor employee check-in process and controlled training environment; perfect for those owner facilities that require more accountability in the process.

Online Program
Gatefeed can deploy both general safety and site-specific courses online.  Online programs provide the contractor workforce more flexibility in course availability in those instances where scheduling or geographic proximity are significant barriers to training through a college program, or where college programs do not exist.

Owner Facility Program
Safety courses can be delivered locally at the owner facility via the internet.  This program combines the flexibility of online delivery with the security of a controlled training environment when a college program is not available or required.

Tracking and Reporting

Upon successful completion of a training course, records are accessible to both plant and contractor company supervisory personnel via gatefeed's secure, permissions-based web application.
Standard reporting functions are built-in and customized reporting tools are available.  All reports can be saved to the application or exported to MS Excel for your convenience.